Photo Card Maker

Photo Card Maker 1.0.1

Create photo cards by yourself in a minute


  • Resize and rotate pictures
  • Import new cute template
  • Save cards in three photo format


  • Basic style of non-cartoon template
  • The default card's text is grammatically incorrect, but makes you laugh

Very good

Would you like to make a photo card but can't be bothered opening a proper graphic editor? I'm sure you are not alone. Try Photo Card Maker with which you have several templates divided into categories. Upload the photo you want and export you final card as JPG, PNG or BMP.

Let's make a point: we are not talking about fine design here. The only cute available templates are the cartoon ones. The Holiday, Travel and Sport ones are a fairly basic and I wouldn't recommend them if you are looking for something slightly cool or stylish. That said, if you are not too fussy, they will save you lots of time when you have to make an announcement to your acquaintances.

A nice feature allows you to upload a photo which you can resize and rotate so that it will fit exactly the apposite photo space in the template. The program automatically takes care of the card's layer level as sometimes your picture will be surrounded by stars and circles. It is also possible to modify the default text which is useful considering it is often miswritten. The good news is that you can download more cartoon themes!

Photo Card Maker will let you create lovely cartoon photo cards to send around in image format. It is very easy and fast to make announcements or best wishes with this free program, so if you like cartoon-style cards, don't hesitate longer and give it a try.

Create personalized photo cards for New Year, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Wedding, anniversaries or any occasions. Photo Card Maker comes with hundreds of card templates for you. You could just choose a template, personalize the messages and save to image file, that's all.

Photo cards should be a fun and creative way to reconnect with family and friends. Photo greeting cards capture your individual holiday cheer, and they're also a great way to show off.

Photo Card Maker


Photo Card Maker 1.0.1

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